A plane is a flat surface. The inclined plane is a slanted surface or ramp that helps us move objects up to another height. For example, a smooth board is a plane. The inclined plane is the simplest machine of all machines.   It is a sloping surface that connects two points together.  A screw and a wedge is made up of two inclined planes. The longer the distance of the ramp, the easier it is to do the work, however, it will take a much longer time needed to do the work.

The inclined plane works best when used to roll an object up to a greater height. When you roll an object that is extremely heavy up an inclined plane gravity is pulling the object down. An incline plane increases the size of the effort force making work much easier.

The screw is also another type of inclined plane. It connects two ends together. For example, the road up the mountain. The road is winding up the mountain. We can go up the mountain with this type of inclined plane. However, again a lot of effort will be needed if the slope is very steep.