Some Animals Of The Rainforest



The Armadillo has a hard bony skin to protect it from its enemies. The Armadillo is a strong digger and a good swimmer. It swallows air to keep its heavy body afloat.

tree frog

Imagine having suction discs on your feet for climbing trees. The Tree Frog uses them to cling to the stems and leaves that hide it.

morpho butterfly
The Morpho Butterfly's brilliant, deep-blue wings seem to glow in the sunlight. It's hard to see when its wings are folded.

anolis lizard
Sometimes green, sometimes brown, the Anolis Lizard changes its color to match its background.

Leaf cutting Ants cut leaves high in the trees and carry them to the ground to feed their fungus garden. They don't eat the leaves, but eat the fungus that grows on the leaves.

lantern fly
The Lantern Fly has a large peanut-shaped head, and can barely be seen when it is sitting on a branch. When frightened, it flies off, showing its two large eye spots.


Fer-de-lance lays in wait on the forest floor and kills its prey with deadly poison in its fangs. It is the most feared animal in the rainforest.

army ant butterfly
Army Ant Butterflies follow army ant trails. They eat droppings from the birds that follow the army ants.

mud puddle frog
The forest floor is the Mud Puddle Frog's home. Here it finds insects to eat, and lays its eggs in mud puddles.

owl butterfly
Rotting fruit is the Owl Butterfly's favorite meal. The large eye spots on its wings look like owl eyes, and may scare away predators.


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