Books of interest on the rain forest


The Great Kapok Tree--By: Lynne Cherry--Describes life in an Amazon rain forest.  One of my favorites!


Rainforest--By: Helen Cowcher


One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest--By: Jean Craighead George


Animals of the Tropical Forests--By: Sylvia A. Johnson


Ancona, George. The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home. Maxwell Macmillan International, 1994. Ages 9-11. Follows a golden tamarin from the National Zoo of Brazil back to the rainforest, and describes how animals are "reintroduced" into the wild.

Banks, Martin. Conserving Rain Forests. Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1989. Ages 10+. Conserving Our World series. Describes the rapidity with which the rain forests of the world are being destroyed, the harm to plants, animals, and humans it causes, and remedies for preserving the rain forests.

Bright, Michael. Tropical Rainforest. Aladdin Books, 1991. Ages 7-9. World About Us series. Explains what rainforests are and why they are important, how they are being destroyed, the effects of such deforestation on the environment, and what is being done to halt the destruction.

Carey, Helen H., and Judith E. Greenberg. The Rain Forest. Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1990. Ages 8-10. Science Adventures series. Describes the plants and animals of the rain forest and discusses the need for preserving the rain forest habitat.

Craig, Janet. Wonders of the Rain Forest. Illustrated by S. D. Schindler. Troll, 1990. Ages 7-9. Describes the animals and plans which give such color and beauty to tropical rain forests and jungles.

Dorros, Arthur. Rain Forest Secrets. Scholastic, 1990. Ages 7-9. Describes the characteristics, the various forms of plant and animal life, and the destruction of the world's rain forests.

Forsyth, Adrian. Journey Through a Tropical Jungle. Simon & Schuster, 1988. Ages 9-11. Introduction to some of the plants, animals, and people living in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.

Greenaway, Shirley. Jungles. Oxford Scientific Films, 1990. Ages 8-10. Animal Homes series. Explains the natural home conveniences of the jungle for such animals as the sun bittern, frogs, lizards, and the cassowary.

Maynard, Christopher. Jungle Animals. Kingfisher Books, 1993. Ages 8-10. Little Library series. Describes the variety of animals found in jungles, including the birds, big cats, insects, and water creatures.

Michael, George. Rain Forest. Creative Education, 1992. Ages 7-9. Beautiful, full-page photographs frame descriptions of tropical rain forests, where they are located, and the wildlife living in them.

Miller, Christina G., and Louise A. Berry. Jungle Rescue: Saving the World's Tropical Rain Forests. Atheneum, 1991. Ages 10+. In order to avoid a global ecological crisis, the alarming destruction of tropical rain forests in Central and South America must be reversed.

Moffat, Mark. High Frontier: Exploring the Tropical Rain Forest Canopy. Harvard University Press, 1993. Ages 12+. Describes the tropical tree crowns as the last and greatest ecological frontier, loaded with aerial plants and countless creatures dependent upon them.

Morrison, Marion. Central America. Silver Burdett Press, 1989. Ages 10-12. Introduces the geography, history, people, and culture of the countries of Central America.

Mutel, Cornelia F., and Mary M. Rodgers. Tropical Rain Forests. Lerner, 1991. Ages 9+. Our Endangered Planet series. Studies the ecology of tropical rain forests, or jungles, and the vital role of their water, air, plant, and animal resources in preserving the global environmental balance. Also describes how easily man's activities can endanger or upset this fragile environment.

Pratt, Kristin Joy. A Walk in the Rain Forest. Dawn Publications, 1992. Gr. K-3. An alphabetical introduction to the plants and animals found in tropical rain forests illustrated by paintings the author made when she was 15-years old.

Reading, Susan. Plants of the Tropics. Facts on File, 1990. Ages 10+. Surveys the varieties of plants that grow in the tropical forests of the world and describes how they adapt to the conditions of their environments.

Ross, Suzanne. What's in the Rainforest? 106 Answers from A to Z. Enchanted Rain Press, 1991. Ages 8-12. Interesting and sometimes startling examples of the many creatures dwelling in the world's tropical rainforests, including background information, brief descriptions of selected plants and animals, maps, climate charts, and illustration of the rainforests' layered structure.

Rowland-Entwhistle, Theodore. Jungles and Rainforests. Wayland Publications, 1987. Ages 9-11. Describes the characteristics of tropical rainforests and other kinds of jungles, and examines their effects on the plants, animals, and people living in or near them.

Sayre, April Pulley. Tropical Rain Forest. Holt, 1994. Ages 10+. Exploring the Earth's Biomes series. Examines the importance of the rain forest biome and the weather, plants, and animals dependent upon it.

Siy, Alexandra. Brazilian Rain Forest. Dillon Press, 1991. Ages 9-11. Circle of Life series. Examines the plant and animal life of the Brazilian rain forests and how they are interrelated.

Stone, Lynn M. Plants of the Rain Forest. Rourke Enterprises, 1994. Ages 8-10. Rain Forests series. Introduces various types of rain forest plants, where they live, why they are important, and how they are used by humans.

Stone, Lynn M. Rain Forests. Rourke Enterprises, 1989. Ages 9-11. EcoZones series. Examines the tropical rain forest as an ecological niche and describes the plant and animal life supported there.

Willow, Diane. At Home in the Rain Forest. Illustrated by Laura Jacques. Charlesbridge, 1991. Ages 7-9. Introduction to life in the Amazon rain forest and the plants and animals living there.

Zak, Monica. Save My Rainforest. Volcano Press, 1992. Ages 8-10. Eight-year-old Omar Castillo visits the endangered Lacandona rainforest of southern Mexico with his father and then starts a campaign to save it, including a talk with the Mexican President and a demonstration in Mexico City's main square.

Rain Forest : The Latest Information and Hands-On Activities to Explore Animals, Plants and Geography
by: Robin Bernard