Writing Activities


 1. Read Jack and the Beanstalk.  Then brainstorm what else Jack could of climbed up, and what turn of events happened when he did.

Discuss the story and how the examples below might be used instead of beans. Show the pictures so kids know what the plants look like. 

Change characters, setting, etc. 

Rewrite the story of ______ and the__________.

You can change the name of Jack to the person who is writing the story.  Should be very interesting. Share with the rest of the class. Don't forget illustrations!




 Morning glories

poison ivy


 Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It can  reach 120 feet.

Lianas: Lianas are climbing plants.  They climb the canopy in search of light. They wrap around branches and link from tree to tree. 

Vines: vines are climber plants like lianas



Another writing activity is:

You find a different (odd) type of seed, bean, or whatever... What will it grow into and how will this change your life.


Food Fun

For fun you can make, "DIRT" Recipe follows.

You can use small flowerpots, or just clear cups.

2 large packages of Oreos

Zip-loc bag: Crush Oreos in this or use a blender/chopper

1 package 8 ounce Philly Cream Cheese

1 large container of Cool Whip

2 small packages of instant chocolate pudding (dry)

2/3 Cup milk

Mix everything together except Oreos

Layer pudding and Oreos

Add 5 or 6 gummy worms, flowers, or whatever you want

Mix part of crushed Oreos

Cover with Oreo cookie