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Plant Crossword Puzzle

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4: a small plant that doesn't have roots, stems, leaves or flowers
7: green colored substance in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight
8: small object within a fruit that will grow a new plant
9: group of non-seed bearing plants that have roots, stems and leaves
10: a living thing that makes its food and doesn't move from place to place
12: the part of a plant that holds the seed
13: the tough outside part found on many seeds
14: the flat, thin part of a plant that grows on the stem


1: a large bud that is planted
2: a gas in the air that is used by plants to make food
3: a part of a flower that often is brightly colored
5: part of a plant that is colorful and makes seeds
6: cells in non-seed plants used to reproduce

11: the underground stem of a plant

Use these words for your puzzle.

bulb carbon dioxide  petal
algae  flowers  spores 
chlorophyll  seed  fern 
photosynthesis tuber  fruit 
seed coat  leaf 

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