Inside of a Seed


Divide the class into science groups/ cooperative groups.  Give them journals to record their findings.

Discuss what a bean is and the types of beans there are. Show the class different types of beans that you can purchase at the supermarket and there nutritional values.  Put onto a chart.  You can also glue next to each one a picture or a real bean. Later on you can make bean soup for all to taste. (Goya sells a 12 bean soup.)


Things you'll need:

bean seeds (soaked over night)
clear plastic cup
white paper towels
spray bottle of water



  1. Students will look inside a seed to discover the beginning of a plant
  2. Students will discuss elements that are important for plants to grow - air, water, food



How does a plant begin?  Ask students for thoughts and predictions.  How does a seed turn into a plant? 


Give each student a seed, lima bean, that has been soaked in water so it is easier to open.  Show them how to open the seeds carefully.  (They fall apart, so you must be gentle!)  Ask students to see if they can find out how a seed turns into a plant.  After looking on their own, have them help friends find out why.  Have them talk about it with their groups as they look.  Make sure every child sees a baby plant.


Come back to the carpet and have students discuss their conclusions.  Show the illustration of the parts of a seed including the baby plant, seed coat, and plant food.

Directions for the group:

1.  Look at your bean seed.  Draw and record what you see in your      journal. Use your magnifying glass.

2. Measure your bean seed.  Record this in you journal.

3. Fold your paper towel in half.

4. Place your folded paper towel in the cup. Place it around the cup.

5. Place the bean seed in the cup between the paper towel and the side of the cup.

6.  Spray a few sprays of water in your cup.

7.  Place your cup near a window for sunlight and warmth.

8.  Watch and record the bean seed's growth daily.  Remember to take turns. Record what you are seeing. 


These activities are from a course I took called, AIMS.

Examine lima beans from yesterday.  Compare limas that soaked all night to limas that are dry.  Show the children how to carefully break open the bean to find the baby plant inside.  Discuss how much of the bean is food for the plant.

Seed Sort:  In advance ask children to bring in different kinds of seeds--preferably ones large enough to pick up easily.  You can also use a bagged bean mixture from the grocery.  Graph different kinds.

Make seed collages and/or spell name with seeds.