Dragons are a mystical part of many tales and fairy tales for that matter.  But, what is a dragon?  A dragon is a mythical beast in the folklore of many European and Asian cultures.  Legends describe dragons as large lizard-like creatures that breathe fire and have a long scaly tail.

In Europe dragons are traditionally portrayed as ferocious beasts that represent the evils thought by humans.  But in Asia, especially China and Japan, the animals are considered friendly creatures that bring good luck and wealth.  (I like their ideas the best.)


Many European legends tell how a hero slews the dragon.

According to some medieval legends, dragons lived in the wild, remote regions of the world.  The dragons guarded treasures in their dens, and a person who killed one gained all of their wealth. . 

Dragons live in caves, mountains, or lakes. They were particularly active in the Middle Ages, when brave knights challenged them to battle.


In China, the traditional New Year's  Day parade includes a group of people who wear a dragon's costume and parade down the streets for all to watch.  The dragon's image according to an ancient belief, prevents evil spirits from spoiling the new year. 

Compared to Western dragons, these beasts are quite small. Their bodies are long, and they have two horns for ears. They have no wings, and their soft breath is said to form clouds. They do not roar; instead they make the sounds of beating gongs and jingling bells. Chinese dragons dine on sparrows. They live wherever there is water. They are kind and wise friends of human beings.

Now let's get on with more tales and pictures of, dragons!