COLOR ........GREEN.......


Meet the GREEN queen.
Sometimes she's a mean, GREEN queen.
She loves her GREEN gown
And her GREEN emerald crown.
The queen has GREEN eyes
Even GREEN in her skies.
She loves her GREEN trees
And the GREEN in her seas.
There is GREEN in her beans
A hint of GREEN in her jeans.
Her flowers grow tall on GREEN stems
And all her rings have GREEN gems.
She has the GREENEST, GREEN grass
And drinks from a GREEN glass.
So if you should pass
Her GREEN castle of glass
Wave your GREEN gloved hand
At her GREEN, GREEN land.
And the mean GREEN queen
Will be a keen, GREEN queen.
She'll invite us all
To the gala, GREEN ball
In the tall, GREEN hall
That's not very small.
We will eat GREEN apples and pears
And sit on GREEN velvet chairs.
So bid the GREEN queen goodbye
With the wink of your GREEN eye....bye, bye


The Bee is a YELLOW fellow
He doesn't eat Jell-O,
Or say "Hello".
Just Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Whatever he does.
And he's covered with
YELLOW fuzz, fuzz, fuzz.
He flies beneath the
Until his pollen collecting is done.
And he really thinks it's fun, fun, fun.
YELLOW flowers,
He visits for hours.
Or buzzes around in
YELLOW towers.
If you should see that
He might be eating
YELLOW banana pie.
Be sure to wish him a
YELLOW good-bye.
Good Bye...




 Red Is An Apple
Red is an apple
on a tree.
Yellow is the sun shining on me.
Orange is the umbrella
over my head.
Green is the leaf
on a twig.
Blue is the ocean
oh, so big.
Grey is an elephant
I like to ride.
Pink is the flower
I see outside.
Brown is a rabbit
in a hat.
White is white
and that is that!

What Is White?

White is marshmallow

And vanilla ice cream 

And the part you can't remember

In a dream.

White is the sound

Of a light foot walking

White is a pair of

Whispers talking.

White is the beautiful

Broken lace

Of snowflakes falling

On your face.

You can smell white

In a country room

Toward the end of May

In the cherry bloom.