Most of us will remember folding paper cups, salt cellars (we called them 'cootie' catchers or 'fortune tellers') and paper balloons as children in elementary school. There is more to origami than these simple models would lead us to believe. Origami comes from the Japanese words for folding, ori, and the Japanese word for paper, kami.

History of Origami
Since about the first century AD, the time when it is believed that paper was first invented in China, people have been folding paper into various shapes. The Chinese developed some simple forms, some of which survive down to this day. When the secret of paper was carried to Japan in the sixth century AD by Buddhist monks, it was quickly integrated into their culture.

Origami: Fold art, geography and cultural studies into one lesson
Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, can be an interesting way to combine art lessons with units on social studies, culture and even history and geography.

The Ten Commandments of Origami
1.Choose suitable paper and cut to required form and size.
2.Fold paper cleanly and carefully, especially at the small points of corners.

Origami USA
Welcome to the OrigamiUSA web site. OrigamiUSA is a not-for-profit, tax exempt educational and cultural arts organization which is dedicated to the sharing of paperfolding in America and around the world.

About Origami
The Japanese word "Origami" is now an internationally recognized word and is synonymous with the art and craft of paper folding. "Origamido", the way of origami, is a personal journey of learning, creating, teaching, using, and appreciating origami.

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Paper folding Instructions Sites

The Keiki Page: Origami for Kids
This site has links to many origami figures. Print the page and fold to make your creation. Excellent stating page for kids.

Origani for Beginners: The Swan
This is written so parents can read the instructions while kids fold...but don't read aloud! Just use the written instructions to give some pointers if necessary. Pictures are sometimes enough by themselves.

Jasper's Guide to Paper folding Instructions On the Web
If you follow along with these handy guides, you can make your own beautiful models in just a few minutes.

Eric's Origami Page!
Welcome to my origami page! Origami is the art of folding paper. The word is Japanese, literally meaning "to fold" (oru) "paper" (kami).

Origami page of Edward Crankshaw

Jim Plank's Origami Page

How to Fold a Crane

Fascinating Folds

Let's Try Origami

Origami - the ancient art of papar folding

ORIGAMI - Paper folding for fun

Jopephy Wu's Origmai Page

Origami Sociteit Nederland

The Geometry Junkyard - Origami

Shapes within Shapes - Origami

Arts & Crafts Class - Let's Fold ORIGAMI!

West Coast Origami Guild

YAHOO: Origami Pages
Check out Yahoo's list of origami pages at this site.

Seach Index for Origami

Search For Models
The Index is a representation of a database containing over 4800 models that have been published in periodicals and books. The database has been compiled by a number of volunteers.

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Origami Listservice

Origami on The Internet: An Origami List service
More than anything else, the internet rekindled my interest in origami. To add your name to a list service for origami resources and discussion, choose this site.

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Teaching Resources

Learning With Origami
This site contains many link to origami resources including resources for teachers.

Why is origami so good for you?
I am writing from the perspective of an art teacher who likes to exercise a child's brain; to stretch them out in directions that could use a little flexibility so they build an awareness of alternative ways of thinking, and to strengthen them in areas that will serve them in regular academic tasks. Origami does all that in an enjoyable way.

Educational Benefits of Paper Folding
This section is designed to help teachers and educators (and parents) explore the world or Origami and the Paper Arts from an educational viewpoint. Origami makes learning more enjoyable and when learning is fun - children learn more!

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