dethroned-When a king or queen has their title or power taken away from them.

extinct-no longer existing

industry-any kind of business

landmark-something familiar or easily seen, used as a guide

leprosy-a disease that causes lumps, spots, and open sores

leper colony-a group of people living together in the same area because they all have leprosy

mammal-one of a group of warm-blooded animals with a backbone and usually having hair

mineral- something in the earth, like diamond or coal, that needs to be dug out or mined


missionary- a person who carries on the work of a religious mission, often in a foreign country


plantations-large farms where slaves worked

Polynesians-people from a large group of islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

port city-a city where boats drop off or pick cargo up

Symphony orchestra- a group of musicians playing different instruments for an audience at a concert


tourism-tourists and all the business they bring to a place

tourist-a person who travels for pleasure

tropical- warm regions near the equator

volcano- an opening in the earth's crust through which steam, ashes and lava are sometimes forced.