Some frogs
have their own rocks
where they sit...
and think
and wink
and look at the world
and nap
and snap
and pretend to be fierce
Sometimes, they play hide and seek,
or leap frog.
And in the evenings
they sing.
They sing high
and low
and soft
Some pucker their lips and whistle.
And to this very day
some frogs
have their own rocks.
But not all...

Bull Rushes Gif

Furious frogs,

                       Ribbit, ribbit in a lovely way,

  Observing prey,

                                 Goggle eyes watching a buzzing fly,

                          Slimy sloth waiting for that fly.

    By: Sir Robert Hitcham's Primary School, College Road, Framlingham, Suffolk, United Kingdom. IP13 9EP. Tel: 01728-723354. Fax: 01728-724834.

Frog Poemwaterfrog.gif

I have a little frog

His name is Tiny Tim,

I put him in the bathtub,

To see if he could swim,

He drank up all the water,

And gobbled up the soap!

And when he tried to talk

He had a BUBBLE in his throat!  

By: Jamie Carden