Here's What Your Classmates Are Saying About You...

Chris       Laura    Victoria    Melanie     Oscar    Joseph     Emma V     Brandi     James

Taylor     Timothy     Tara     Jennifer     Kayleigh     Brian     Mary     Philip     Zachary      Joshua

Melissa   Emma K.     Cash     Vincent     Michael

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Christopher:  a nice kid, funny, friendly, good person, tries to learn, is a good talker, silly, good    personality, cool, dances, always asking questions, kind, waits for friends


 James: sweet, is like me, happy, nice, funny, tries to do the right thing, shares, playful, giving,  quiet, likes to smile, respectful, is so nice, he loses it, sometimes he goes crazy, careful, kind


Emma K.:  she is a good girl, helps her friends, loves people, cute, nice, polite, has a good heart, giving, shares, trustful, helpful, smart, a good person, shy, quiet in class, a reader, is beautiful, tries to make the r sound perfect, is afraid to talk, a great person to be around


Taylor:  kind hearted, a giver, helps people, friendly, nice, funny, a good friend to me, helpful, she can run fast, has a heart, of gold, uses nice words, always lets me play games with her, helps people who are hurt, and can't control themselves, makes me happy


Timothy:  worrier, loves learning, funny, friendly, takes good advice, fair, helpful takes turns, kind, shares, always plays kickball with me, giving, kindhearted,  always lets me play with him, helps me sometimes, and has a nice heart,  makes best friends, kind to others, polite, is a great partner because he lets people cut him, never gives up


Tara:  a writer, talented, helpful, friendly, cares for others, smiley, good-hearted, a great partner because she is a great worker, tries her best, if some is hurt she always helps, loves playing with people, kindhearted, nice, respectful, always follows directions, polite, brightens up my day, very sweet, loving, fun, wonderful, trusting, gentle, treats people nicely, a helping heart, caring, always happy


Jennifer: shares, loves learning and reading, good writer, nice to people, sweet to her friends, polite, helpful, shares, is fair, takes turns, listens, careful about what she does, says yes a lot, trustworthy, very loving, happy, nice to everyone in the class, smart


Kayleigh: thoughtful, kind, polite, quiet, shares, helpful to others, talented as a singer, funny, always is kind to everyone and plays with people, friendly, takes turns, beautiful, does good stuff for us, happy, playful, cares for others, brightens up my day, a good personality, always a good heart


Brian:  quiet, tries very hard, always has something to say, loves to make up stories to tell us, smiley, freckles, cooperative, polite, helpful, takes turns, listens, funny, a really nice friend, crazy but kind, doesn't make fun of people,  a good boy, helps you when you're having trouble, is my best friend, good at football


Philip: needs to have more self-confidence, wants to learn a lot, giving, friendly, funny, smiles a lot, gentle, tells jokes, makes me laugh, brave, makes friends, nice, is a helper, he gave me the power to believe in myself, quiet, happy, tries hard, kind, a comedian who really makes me laugh, quiet


Mary: helpful, kind, dimples, tries hard, friendly, sensitive, doesn't give up, kind, helpful, funny, shares, curly hair, likes to read, wonderful, silly, playful, happy, respecting others,  a good listener, helps her friends, she gave me the power to write better, a bright girl


Zachary:  polite, kindhearted, smiley, always has a good story to tell, kind, cares about others,  funny, tries to learn, is a good boy, crazy but nice, is kind to me and lets me play kickball, good, gentle, shares, tries his best to help, cool, worries, friendly, silly, very kind and helps others


Joshua:  talkative,, smart, great handwriting, nice, helpful, polite, kind to everyone he meets,  he loves things, he never gives up, nice, helpful, loves to read, friendly, independent, good at math,  serious,  happy


Melissa:  loves school, friendly, loves to entertain, writes well, loves all her teachers, happy, sweet, kind to people and she likes people a lot, silly, nice, very giving,  helpful, a happy person who always has a smile on, a good friend,  loves to dance, a loving girl who has a big heart


Cash:  sensitive, caring, doesn't like to be wrong, has to finish everything, helpful, kind, cool hair do, gets silly, he likes people, nice, helpful loves to talk, kind, good personality, always has a smile, likes books, spiked hair, is fair, funny. laughs a lot, never lets his friends down, says he's sorry, my best friend, 


Laura:  kind, thoughtful, loving, polite, talkative, cooperative, helpful, shares, always willing to help others, kind, funny, smart, happy, loving, very, very good friend, helps when someone is in need, can trust her, sweet, a strong girl who sticks up for herself,  a wonderful person, is a nice person who does a lot and has a lot of things on her mind


Victoria:  sweet, pretty, happy, beautiful handwriting, kind, shares, polite,  is a good person that tries her best and does a lot,  helpful, talks a lot, nice, kind and smart, good at math, is a spectacular person


Melanie:  loves bears, sweet, sensitive, quiet, pretty hair and long, too, cares about people, helpful, cute, nice, quiet, funny, kind, shares, giving, my best friend, cares about others, loving, kind, a good girl who loves people, but a little shy

Oscar:  serious, quiet, has learned a lot this year, feels good about himself, loves to write and read, tries his best, is a good person, funny, nice, helps everyone, says nice things, kind, unique, shares, wonderful, great friend, a terrific kid


Joseph:  serious, talkative, helpful, writes from the heart, nice to everyone, smart, my friend,  does the right thing by trying his best, works, helpful, funny, very giving, very loving, cool, fast, smart, reader, works hard, trusting, is a good kickball partner and is fast


Emma V. : quiet, shy, good friend, a twin, loving, writer of poetry, cute, nice, helpful, shares, loves, kind, funny, smart, good friend, tries, wonderful person, gets a long with people, sweet, thinks good things about people,


Brandi:  talkative, funny, smiles a lot, friendly, wants to please, loves people, very helpful, nice smile,  nice person who does things with her friends, never makes fun of people, kind kid, polite, funny, shares


Michael::  good, funny, nice, small, happy, kind, sweet, polite, helpful, is a cool kid, never makes fun of others, shares, has a good heart.


Vincent:  smart, nice, shy, good kid, friendly, is a super kid, has a good heart, is great at math, never makes fun of people, stays by himself too much, starting to make friends and talk more, would like to get to know him.



***I spoke about friends and friendship, telling the class how important it is to always look for the good qualities in someone.  

We decided that it would be fun to write down some good qualities about our  classmates and then record it in our Friendship Theme. 

Hopefully some of the children will realize how much they are liked and it will be a confidence builder, not just for now, but the future. ~ Mrs. Stein