The earliest Egyptians lived more than 5,000 years ago.  What can we learn from the Egyptians?  If you look around, you will find that parts of ancient Egypt are very much alive today.  People still wear jewelry with ancient Egyptian designs such as ankh sign, a symbol of life.  Movie makers in Hollywood make movies such as Cleopatra, The Mummy, (in the works is The Mummy 2), The Egyptian, and The Prince of Egypt.  Composers have written operas with Egyptian themes such as Aida.  Even Michael Jackson made a video with ancient Egyptian sets and costumes.

Our language came from ancient Egypt.  Did you know that some English words actually come from Egyptian hieroglyphs?  For example: "ebony" comes from the ancient Egyptian hebny, with the same meaning. Buildings, too, reflect elements of Egyptian architecture.  Where did the idea for the Washington Monument come from?  An Egyptian obelisk of course!  You can stay in a pyramid-shaped hotel in Las Vegas or enter the Louvre Museum in Paris through a glass pyramid.

When we look at the culture of ancient Egyptians, we find a wonderful world.  Learn about kings and queens, or stories about Egypt, look at their gigantic buildings, and find out what they ate for dinner.  Though they may have lived 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians are similar in many ways to us today.