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Answer the following questions about dinosaurs after reading the web page called "What is a Dinosaur?" in Zoom Dinosaurs. To get to "What is a Dinosaur?", go to and then click on "What is a Dinosaur" in the "Table of Contents."

1. How long were the longest dinosaurs?_______________________

2. How small was the smallest dinosaur?_______________________

3. What animal is bigger than any dinosaur?_______________________

4. What color were the dinosaurs?_______________________

5. Could any dinosaurs fly?_______________________

6. Were more dinosaurs plant-eaters or meat-eaters? ______________________

7. Name a well-known meat-eating dinosaur that starts with the letter T. _______________________

8. Name a plant-eating dinosaur with three horns on its head. _______________________

9. What are scientists who study fossils called? _______________________

10. When did the dinosaurs go extinct?_______________________

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Level: Grade 2-3 Subject: reading, writing, introduction to research on the Internet, dinosaurs
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