Poetry in the ESL Classroom + Other Important Sites

Snowy Evening Poetry for ESL  Rainbow Poetry Exercise
Tooter4Kids great site for Teacher's Resources  Shel Silverstein - Fill in the blanks
Teaching Reading Through Poetry  Poetry Writing
 Poetry of the City - Grades 4-8  ESL Teacher Resource
The ESL/EFL Connection Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
 Everything ESL  Poetry Resources
 Adventures of Yankee Doodle Giggle Poetry
 The Ultimate ESL Resource  Top ESL and Teacher Sites
 Poetry Race  ESL Classroom


Please feel free to send in some of your ideas or websites

Look for my book coming out in February 2005 called, Elementary Poetry.  It will contain an introduction to poetry, full Lesson Plans from Aug./Sept.~ June, Teacher's Workbook, Student Workbook, Syllabus, Standards for many states, Power Point Presentation, and Pacing Guide. You may order from TeachingPoint. Reserve your copy now.