Patriotic Poetry

By: Erik Martino



Erik, you are serving your country by writing this!!  

Erik is a 4th Grade student in my Poetry Pals Club.  This was written during a free write session.  March 13, 2003



Leaning Towards My Country


If I could serve my country

I would go to war

I would be in a tank

Blinding whoever came into my dreadful path.

I would walk the hot, sweltering desert 

In search of my clever prey.

I'd burst into every cave,

And use every  drop of blood from my body

To heal the other brave men

Who would be called heroes!

I'd swim every sea

Climb every mountain

To find the right path.


As a soldier

Would sprint every desert to find my end destination

To kill...

Usama  Bin 'ladin

I might die trying.



Their Dreadful Moment


As the sweltering sun

Sits upon the mighty soldiers

As they fight for our united country

As our brave, young men 

Standing there in the line of fire

Scared to their shivering bones

One man gets shot from our Navy

As the terrible Iraqi's

Laugh and shout horrifying joy.


The Mother and  Father of the soldier


And sit watching 

As the commander and priest come

To their door.

They know what has happened.

They enter a moment of their lives

 With terrible sadness.



Trumpet of Honor


The sun is gracefully blazing down the horizon.

The horror is in the air.

The trumpet peacefully plays

As the men cry for their friends

Who sacrificed their life

For our country.

Hands over hearts

Pondering and knowing

Any minute, they too, could be gone.

Scarcely getting enough  sleep

Dreaming of war


Listening to the lonely trumpet play on.