Onomatopoeia is poetry in which words are used to make sounds.

Halloween has many scary, spooky sounds and noises. 

When writing don't forget creeaak and heh-heh-heh.

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There are weird words such as:

chip-chop-crunch and grickle, grackle, grooble and grabble!


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What about grinch, grunch, and mish mash and munch?


You can use other words in your writing such as:

splash, wow, gush, kerplunk

buzz, crash, whirr, clang hiss, purr, squeak, mumble, hush, boom

Plop, splash, sploosh, splat, bang, boom, pop, purr, bark, tweet, meow, quack, squeak. These are good examples, as they conjure images of what they represent in the mind.


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