How To Write a Story


Take a character:

give it a name

put him/her in a place

give him/her a problem

make the problem bigger

solve the problem

Revision Checklist:

 1. Does my writing make sense?

2.  Does it sound right?                

 3.  Do I have enough detail?        

             4. Do I have a beginning, middle, end?

      5. Does my title match the story?   



Editing Checklist:

1.  Did I remember to end each sentence with a period, exclamation mark or question mark?

2.  Did I start each sentence with a capital?

3. Did I use my dictionary to check my spelling?

4.  Did I show someone my work?


If you use CUPS it is easier to remember the revision/editing checklist.

C = Capitals

            U = Understanding

                   P = Punctuation marks

S = Spelling



Remember to have "voice" when you write.

Now gather round and share with the class!