Twenty Questions that Teach Students to Think

1. Why?

2. If that is true, what might follow?

3. How do you know that?

4. What is your point?

5. What is the reason for saying that?

6. Is it possible that...?

7. Are there other ways of...?

8. What are other ways we could view this?

9. Can you briefly summarize what you just read?

10. What/Who was important in the story? Why?

11. Explain your answer.

12. Can you state examples and explain why they are important?

13. Do you agree? Why? Why not?

14. How did you arrive at your answer or solution?

15. What are your "thinking" steps?

16. What facts support your view?

17. Can you think of other facts not given?

18. Can you apply these ideas to other situations or information?

19. Can you add information to the subject? Explain

20. Contrast the information with what you already know.


I'm not sure where this comes from.  It isn't original though.