Friendly Letter Form


A friendly letter consists of 5 parts.

1. The heading which includes your street address (line 1), the town or city, state and zip code (line 2) then the date (line 3).

2. The greeting which begins Dear_____________,

3. The body of the letter which contains your thoughts and ideas.

4. The closing which looks like this:

          Yours truly,

          Your friend,



          Sincerely yours,

*Notice that the second word is always lower case. Don't forget your comma!

5. Lastly, the signature which is how you sign your name.


* Commas: There is a comma after your city or town. (Ridge, New York 11772)

                   There is a comma after the day of the month. (November 22, 2004)

                   There is a comma after the Greeting. (Dear Susan,)

                  There is a comma after the closing. (Your friend,)

*When writing in the body always indent when writing a paragraph.  Start under the letter 'r' in the word Dear. When you get to the next line remember to write under the 'D' in the word Dear.

A Friendly Letter example:

104 Woodlot Road

       Ridge, New York 11772

November 22, 2004


Dear Grandma,

     I was so happy when you sent me the birthday card for my birthday.  It made everyone laugh because it was so funny.  Sometimes when you send the card I bring it into school to show my teacher.

     We are studying Indians in my classroom.  There are so many things that I have learned.  I can't wait to share them with you when you come for Thanksgiving.  I even wrote you a cute poem.


       Love your grand-daughter,



Now practice writing a friendly letter.