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The Big Sleepover

By: Amy Berdon


Once there were three girls.  Their names were Amy, Kasey, and Stephanie.  One night Amy called Kasey and Stephanie and said, “I’m having a sleepover and you’re invited!”  


So Kasey and Stephanie got packed up and they went over to Amy’s house.  When they got there, Kasey said, “Let’s get started. "


“OK, let’s get started” said Amy.  “Alright” said Stephanie.  “First, let’s tell scary stories” said Stephanie.  Amy and Kasey said “OK."  “Amy, let’s hear your story first,” said Stephanie.  “OK,” said Amy.  Kasey said, “You know what?  I brought scary movies.  Don’t you want to watch them?”  

Amy and Stephanie said “OK." Kasey said, “Let’s watch The Thirteen Ghosts first." Amy said, “Yeah, let’s watch The Thirteen Ghosts," yelling in Stephanie’s ear.  Stephanie said, “OK, OK, let’s watch The Thirteen Ghosts first."

“Ahhhh, it’s scary, too scary!” screamed Amy.  “Let’s hide under the covers!” screamed Stephanie.  “No, let’s go to bed,” said Kasey. 

“I can’t get to sleep,” said Amy.  “I can’t get to sleep either,” said Stephanie.  “I can’t either,” said Kasey.

‘’How about we tell funny stories to help us get to bed,’’ said Amy.

‘’Ok,’’ said Kasey and Stephanie. So they all told funny stories and it helped them get to bed.

When they woke up they started talking about how fun the sleepover was. So then Kasey and Stephanie got packed up to leave.

When their mothers came to pick them up, we were kind of sad.  But, Kasey then spoke to her mother, “ Hey, mom, can Stephanie and Amy sleep over tonight?”


Kasey’s mom was just fine with this idea.  So, we'll all see each other again tonight.  

What can we do tonight to get into some trouble?  But that might be for another story.




Retold by Steven


     Once far, far away a tailor was sitting in an easy chair on the hottest summer day, reading the newspaper.  I think you should know two more things about this tailor.  He had a son named Seon, and he was VERY poor.  Now that is over, let’s get back to the story. 


All of a sudden after reading a paragraph of the paper he jumped up full of excitement.  Here is what it said, “Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. sharp Mrs. Cole, the President, will be arriving to search for a husband.”  Just also to inform you, Mrs. Cole is greedy, but a very nice person. 


     The next morning at 10 a.m. sharp everyone lined the streets with their sons waiting for Mrs. Cole, the President, to arrive. When she arrived the tailor bragged that his son could weave clothes into gold. So the President brought the tailor’s son to her house and locked Seon in the cellar, which had tons and tons of clothes in it.  She warned Seon, “At the break of dawn these clothes better be gold or else I’ll have your head.”

 Seon thought what a foolish man his father was.  He said, “ What shall I do?” Then BOOM a blast of fire shot up from the ground! A little man appeared from all the fire and smoke and said, “What would you give me if I did all your work for you tonight?” “I would give you my bowtie,” said Seon. “Fine,” said the little man who was really an elf. 

By the break of dawn all the clothes were woven into gold, and the elf was gone.  The same thing happened the next night, but this time Seon gave the elf his coat buttons.  But the next night the elf said, “You have three nights to guess my name, and every night you get three chances.  If you guess it wrong on the third night you must give your life! So start guessing.”

 “My first guess is Rumplestiltskin,” said Seon.  “Nope, wrong story,” said the elf. “How about John or Joe?” asked Seon. “NOPE!” exclaimed the elf. 

The next night the elf came again. Seon said, “Ryan, Chicken Legs, Jason.”  “WRONG AGAIN. ONE MORE CHANCE, AND THEN YOU’RE MINE!”

The next day Mrs. Cole let Seon out and told him to take a jog through the forest.  So Seon did as he was told.  While he was jogging he came to a halt because he saw his little friend sitting on a hollow log.  Seon ran and hid behind a tree.  The elf laughed with excitement, “Tomorrow Seon will be mine, and that’s because he doesn’t know that my name is Dumplestiltskin.”

 After listening to what the elf said, Seon went back to the house.  Mrs. Cole shut him up in the cellar again.  That night when Dumplestiltskin came Seon guessed, “Ron, Alan.”  “Nope,” interrupted the elf. The elf took a few steps closer. 

“How about Dumplesiltskin,” asked Seon.  “How did you know,” cried the elf in terror. 

All of a sudden a big drop of water dropped on Dumplestiltskin, and all that was left of Dumplestiltskin was his hat. 

The next day Seon married Mrs. Cole, and they lived happily ever after.



                                   Cinderella and the Gold

                                    Retold by Michael D.                                              


Once upon a time there lived two sisters and three brothers.           They lived in a mansion with their mother, father and cat.  Cinderella was the oldest, followed by quadruplets Mary, Martin, George and John, all in preschool. Cinderella's parents were so nice and kind to her. Cinderella was so kind to her parents so her mom gave her gold.  She said "Thank You" in a small voice. The others were jealous.


Cinderella slept with the gold, shopped with it, went to school with it, and even played with it!  One night, at 8;30, Cinderella was sleeping with her gold.  Her two year old brother John got out of his crib and crawled over to Cinderella's room.  John took the gold and went back to his room.  When the next day came Cinderella was looking for her gold.  She looked under her bed, in her dresser, under her pillow, in the toy box and behind her door.   


 Cinderella was sad her gold was gone! Do you think Cinderella was looking for her gold for three months? Well Cinderella was looking for her gold for three months! While Cinderella's brothers and sisters were looking for her gold John was throwing the gold up and down in his room. When John was finished throwing the gold up and down he crawled over to his parent's room.

John put lipstick on the gold made eyes, ears, eyebrows mouth, nose, even glasses. John laughed because he made a funny face.

John did lots of stuff with the gold. Then, when he put the gold in the shower to clean it, gold paint came off. It was only a rock painted gold!  

Cinderella was still looking for the gold. So she went to the bathroom and saw a rock in John's hand.

 "Oh no," cried Cinderella, "But wait, What happened to my gold?" John laughed and laughed. "Ha, ha! Mommy played a prank on you!

It was only a ROCK, painted GOLD!”

 And they all lived happily ever after. Well, except for Cinderella.....



                                  Rapunzel Goes For the Goal

                                  By: Demi 


Once there was a girl named Rapunzel, who was eight years old.  She played soccer with some of her friends.


Her mother and father died in a hurricane, when she was 4 years old.  She now lives with her grandmother.


Today Rapunzel had a soccer game.  She said to her grandmother, “ I have a soccer game today.” Her grandmother replied, “Go, shoo! I don’t want to take you to your dumb soccer game.”  Rapunzel said, “ I can’t drive, I need a ride.”  “Walk, you slow poke,” the grandmother said. “No!” Rapunzel yelled in a loud voice. “ How dare you speak to me like that?”  I’m not a slow poke she thought to herself as she ran off to her soccer game. 


“I’m finally here,” she said to her friends.  The coach said, “ Everybody huddle.  Everybody go out on the field and cover a red player.”  Rapunzel wound up scoring three goals that day and her team won 5 to 3.  She was so excited.  She couldn’t wait to get home and tell her grandmother. 


When she arrived at home Rapunzel said to her grandmother, “We won because I scored three goals. So there, I don’t care if you think soccer is stupid because I’m good at it.”  Rapunzel’s grandmother didn’t like her very much, and only let her live there so she could steal Rapunzel’s inheritance since her parents’ death.  She was so mad that Rapunzel was happy about winning her game that she decided before the next game to give Rapunzel an old potion she had stored in the basement.


 She put the potion in her drink the night before her game.  In the morning when she woke her hair had grown past her feet.  Rapunzel was very upset because she could hardly move with her long, heavy hair.  “How am I supposed to play in today’s soccer game when I can barely move”, she sobbed.  She decided to tie her hair up and go to the game so she wouldn’t let her team down. 


The game was tied 1-1 with two minutes left. Rapunzel just couldn’t run fast enough. Her hair was just too heavy.  Just then her scrunchie fell out and Rapunzel tripped over her own hair, knocking the soccer ball right passed the goalie and into the goal.  They won 2-1.

 The grandmother learned to respect Rapunzel.  


                              The Three Little Pigs

                              Retold By Zachary Marsh

    One day John, Bill, and Jack made one house for all of them one piece of the house was made out straw and the other piece brick one pig got a splinter because one piece of the house was made out of wood.

A wolf came, the streams were clogged. He died in the desert. The three pigs came back from their vacation from Orlando Florida. They went digging in the desert.

Then they went in a pyramid, they saw something shiny. They saw a diamond stuck in the wall. They looked at it with a flashlight to look at the diamond better. The diamond brought to life a wolf.

 One pig said, “Holy cow, milk.” The other pig said, “Ah, I can take him.” The last pig said, “What a hologram!” The wolf blew fire.

John said “Don’t worry, we have nine lives. Wait, that’s a cat.” One pig found a torch and burned him. The wolf ran away saying “Ouch.” 

The three pigs had a great vacation in Orlando Florida. The pigs had a bad thing. The bad thing was that three wolves were in Orlando Florida.

One pig said, “Here we go again.” Bill said, “Want to go to Mexico?” Jack said, “Yeah, let’s go to Mexico!” But then they saw two wolves. Jack said, “Lets ignore them.” They all agreed, “Yes.” 


                                        The Smart Cupcake

                                         By: Natasha 



Once there was a woman who was making some cupcakes. While she was doing this some batter splashed on the table and some onto the floor. 

The batter began to grow and grow.  It turned into a cupcake on the floor!


It got bigger and bigger!  It looked like a cake so the woman decided to decorate it. She put it into the front window of the bakery on a stand.

The cupcake was sold to a person who took it to an Easter party.

But, before it was eaten, it disappeared!

 “Where is my cake?” asked the man to the Baker, who was still at the party setting up.

The baker didn’t know what to say! 

The baker went home to the bakery. Mysteriously the cupcake reappeared back into the window of the bakery.

“Oh, my golly, gosh,” said the baker.  I have found it here in my front window again!

So, the baker called the man who never received his cupcake.  The man wanted nothing to do with the cupcake or the baker.

So, the smart cupcake with the magical powers stayed in the bakery window, never to be eaten!


                                           Jackie And The Beanstalk

                                             By: Shannon


     Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jackie. She

lived with her mother. They were very poor. They lived in a

sunny village, with a cat and a hen. 

Every day Jackie would go to town to sell eggs. She would

 bring home the money she  had  made. One  day,  finally 

her  mother  said, “ We are even more poorer today because

we haven’t any money.   We will have to sell the hen.”

So, Jackie went to town and she sold the hen for some beans!  

When she  got  home  her  mother  said,”  You  sold  the  hen  for  beans!” But mother they are magic beans!’’ Her mother threw

 them out the window.  

The next morning when Jackie woke up the beans grew into a beanstalk.  Jackie sprang from her bed and quickly got dressed.

 She ran out side and stared to climb up the beanstalk. Finally she reached the top. 

Jackie found a trail of candy.  She followed the trail to a candy house.  There standing in the doorway was a giant lady. She said to come in.

 So Jackie decided to go into the house.  There was candy everywhere!

   The lady said come in. So Jackie decided to go in.  She gave

 Jackie some food and some money. All of a sudden the lady’s

husband came in the room. So the lady hid Jackie in the cabinet.

The lady’s husband said, “Are you hiding my breakfast ?”


She said, “No that must be your breakfast from yesterday.”

 “Nonsense,” said her husband and he walked away. Jackie jumped out of the cabinet. Jackie said, “Thanks,” and left the house.

As Jackie climbed down the beanstalk she thought what a nice person she had just met.  She risked everything for a complete stranger.

                                           Snow White

                                      Retold by: Jessica


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Snow White.  She was a beautiful girl.  She was so happy until her father got divorced.

Snow White’s father married a new queen.  The queen’s name was Queen Elizabeth.  Queen Elizabeth didn’t like Snow White very much. Snow White didn’t like the queen at all because she didn’t like those mean eyes. Snow White didn’t like the mean face the queen made at her every time she turned around.

Snow White wished that her father never married Queen Elizabeth. Snow White wished that her father married someone prettier, more mature, and nicer.


Snow White said to her father,  “I can’t live with Queen Elizabeth!” “Why couldn’t you marry someone nicer?”  Snow White’s father said. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re nice or not it matters how we feel about each other and I always know I will always love your new mom and

I know your new mom will always love me.”

“Hi, mom,” said Snow White. Queen Elizabeth said to herself “Why is she saying hi to me. I thought she didn’t like me.”


Queen Elizabeth said hi in a nasty way. Queen Elizabeth turned around and started to put on her make up. Queen Elizabeth stopped for a minute and she turned around and said, “Why are you being so nice to me?” Snow White said, “I don’t know I just want to be nice so I can get along with you.”


Queen Elizabeth said, “Well, I don’t want to get along with you! ”Snow White stopped she said, “What?” “I want to get along with you but you don’t want to get along with me?”   “That’s right,” said the queen.  Snow White said, “Why don’t you want to get along with me.”


Queen Elizabeth said, “I don’t know. I just don’t know OK!” Snow White said, “I asked you why don’t you want to get along with me.”


Queen Elizabeth said “OK, I’ll tell you.” “When I saw your father I said to myself he’s the one for me. So when I finally talked to him he asked me

to go on a date. I said OK. Well, when we went on our date he asked me to marry him. I said fine. We got married. But I didn’t know he had a daughter. “I’m not use to hanging around children.” Snow White said  “Didn’t you have any sisters?”  Queen Elizabeth said, “No. I had no sisters at all.”


 Well Queen Elizabeth and Snow White weren’t fighting any more. Queen Elizabeth said nice things. Snow White, and Queen Elizabeth, and Snow White’s father became a real family. Now they help each other.  Queen Elizabeth helped Snow White do her homework.  Queen Elizabeth and Snow White got along well. And they all lived happily ever after.



The Three Little Pigs

                                     Retold by: Zackery G.


Once upon a time there were three little pigs that were smart. They decided to go camping. “One pig said,” I don’t think this is a good idea, because I know there is a big, bad wolf somewhere near the campsite.”

The leader pig said, “Nonsense we’re smart, we’ll be fine.” So the pigs went camping.

They found a nice spot to camp. They started to set the things up.

Then they heard a noise.  One pig said it sounded like the big, bad wolf! Then the three little pigs ran to find some boxes, wood, and metal to hide in.

 The first pig found some boxes at a dump. He built a house of boxes. The wolf jumped out of the bushes and wrecked the place.

Then the wolf ate all the food.

Then the third pig found a dead metal monster.

Then the wolf built the tent and slept in it.

And put up a sign that said, NO PIGS ALLOWED!


The first pig found a hill to build the house of boxes.

The second pig found a city to build the house of wood.

And the last pig found the woods to build the house of metal.

The wolf heard banging he woke up and he was hungry for pigs.


He saw up a hill a house of boxes.  He saw a pig in the window.

“And he said,” little pig little pig let me come in. Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin.

Then I’ll huff and huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down. And he did. The pig hid in a box. The wolf opened the box and ate the pig.


The wolf heard banging and this brought him to the house of wood.  But this pig was super smart.  He wouldn’t let the wolf in no matter what!  So the wolf got bored and kept on walking into the forest never to be heard of again.


The pig enjoyed relaxing while missing his brothers.  But he did learn a lesson.  Always make things sturdy, and you will be safe!


                                        Retold by: Annmarie


Once upon a time there lived a young girl whose name was Cinderella.  Cinderella was a very, very sweet girl. She was the littlest girl among her sisters. Cinderella went to school. Her sisters went to school too. Whenever Cinderella got home from school her grandmother would say in a dreadful voice, “ Clean Cinderella, Clean.”


Then Cinderella would take the dusty dustpan and the broom and sweep the floor and the bedrooms. But when Cinderella went to school she would wear nice clothes but when she gets home from school she would have to change her nice clothes to ragged clothes.


 Her sisters hadn’t any friends because they were too horrid. But Cinderella had many animal friends.  In fact there were four mice. Two were girls and two were boys. They were kind to Cinderella. They would never hurt her feelings.


Oh, I forgot, Cinderella’s sister’s name was Drizzle and her other sisters name was Marisa. Her sisters would tell her to do everything.


Cinderella would sometimes do her chores then go to her room and she would say to herself, “Why do I have to do all of the cleaning?” Sometimes she wished she were with someone nicer.


Once when Cinderella was on her way to school she saw a kitten lying on the road. She decided to bring it to school even though there was a school rule that said, NO PETS ALLOWED!


She tried to hide it in class, but the cat finally meowed. Her teacher heard it, and told Cinderella to leave school. She had a big problem now because today was a big test!


 If you pass the test you can go into third grade. But if you fail you will have to stay in second grade. It might not sound that important to you but to her it was her dream to pass. She was sure she would pass because she was the best math student.


Her sister’s were at school when Cinderella had reached home. She gently tucked her kitten in her backpack then opened the squeaky door and shut it quite quietly. Than ran up the stairs and opened the door to her room and shut it LOUDLY.


Her grandmother heard, the noise and she said in a whispering voice “Why does she have to make that horrible sound.’’ Meanwhile Cinderella was playing with her kitten. She had forgotten about the big test.


She decided to name her kitten Angel. Downstairs was a mailman that had a letter in his hand. The letter said, PRINCE ERIC IS HAVING A PROM AT HIS KINGDOM AND EVERY LADY WAS HONORED TO COME.


A few minutes later her sister’s came through the door and their grandmother gave Marisa the letter first. Marisa read it, then gave it to Drizzle. Drizzle read it then gave it to their grandmother. As soon as their grandmother received the letter, Drizzle and Marisa ran up the stairs yelling,” Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella, and Cinderella.” Cinderella quickly stopped playing with her kitten, and quietly opened the door to see who was behind it. Cinderella ran to her backpack and tucked Angel in it then opened the door.


Her sister’s told her the exiting news. Cinderella also heard that she needed to find beautiful clothes for them. While Cinderella was looking for Drizzle’s dress she was thinking of what she was going to wear. After a few minutes she found what Drizzle was going to wear. Drizzle came to check up on Cinderella. Cinderella told her what she picked out. If you have any problem call me. Cinderella went to Marisa’s room.


Cinderella found Marisa’s dress very quickly. She told her what she picked out for her. Than she told her the same thing that she told her other sister.

Meanwhile Cinderella’s mice friends were finishing Cinderella’s dress. She never knew what they were planning.  Her dress was made with all of her sister’s old things. When Cinderella was done she ran to her room crying.  She knew she didn’t have a dress to wear.


But once she stopped crying and looked up, hanging on the back of the door was a beautiful dress.  There was a note attached.  It read: 


                 Have a great time, Cinderella. 

                            Your friends, 

                                 The Mice


She slipped the dress on. Then she ran down the steps to show her sisters. When she got down her sisters had already left.  So Cinderella went to the Ball.

She had a great time.  She danced with a Prince, and she never lost a slipper.

The Prince fell deeply in love with her.  They married and lived happily ever after.  (Angel, her kitten, chased mice in the castle.  He never ate them though, because Cinderella reminded Angel that the mice were her friends.)     


       The Seven Chinese Brothers

                     Retold and renamed by: Michael G.


                               The Three American Sisters


One day there was three beautiful American sisters. They were very friendly and had lots of friends.  In fact, one of the sisters, the third one, had a special magical power.


The third sister’s power was smile power. She could smile any time, any way she wanted. Everyone loved her smile.


What would a story be without a witch? So, there was also a mean old witch who was named Zelda. She was an enemy of the sisters.  She wanted the smile power of the third.


Zelda, being an old witch, didn’t have any friends and thought if she had smile power everyone would like her.


Zelda walked up the whitest steps you would ever see to the sister’s house.  She rang the finest doorbell. Third sister opened up the door and Zelda quickly grabbed her by the head and dragged her into a black smelly car.  It raced down the black tarred road into her secret lab.


 She sucked all the power out of third sister. Than Zelda put all her powers into a machine, so the smile power would be hers. But there was one problem.  The third sister was still smiling!


Maybe the machine wasn’t working! Zelda tried and tried for days! The sister kept on smiling and the machine never seemed to suck everything out of her.


Zelda realized that the problem was the smile not the machine!  The power of a smile is so powerful that Zelda took a step back….


And smiled at this thought.


The third sister said, “ Zelda, you’re smiling!”  Zelda replied, “I am.  I AM!” 


So Zelda released the third sister.  The sister brought Zelda home to meet her other sisters.  Zelda was so happy to have new friends that a smile that has never been seen by Zelda took over her entire face. 


She shone like the brightest star.  Zelda was no longer a witch, but a young lady now, who had her whole life ahead of her.




                                      The Seven Chinese Brothers

                                      Retold and renamed by:  Maxwell

                                       Three Chinese Kids and Matt


When  three  great  wise  Chinese  brothers  moved  to America , they  seemed  like  young  but  nice  boys. But because of the language problem, nobody wanted to talk with them.

Matt, an American boy, wanted to try to be friends with the new kids. He even found out their names. They were:  Maxwell , Dakota,  and  Tyler.  He  surely  wanted  to  be  friends  with  them  but  he  probably  wouldn’t  know what they  were  saying because of the language. So, he thought this over and didn’t bother to talk to them.


Anyway, school  was soon to begin.  Matt said, “ I’m going  to  be  in  second  grade.  I have Mrs. Stein.  I might even have one  of  the Chinese  kids  in  my  class. I’m very  exited.”


 The next three weeks school started.  Matt was still excited. He entered the classroom and saw one of the Chinese brother’s whose name was Maxwell.  Matt peered at Maxwell.  As he got closer Matt took a seat and began to draw a picture for Maxwell.


On the playground Matt decided to try and make friends once more with Maxwell.  He thought being Chinese was cool.  So he talked to Maxwell in English, but Maxwell didn’t understand.  So Matt began to try and teach his new found friend English!


As twenty minutes ended Maxwell learned some words in English.  He learned how to say: Hello, Do you want to play with me? and Matt’s name. 


Maxwell stood in front of Matt and his face turned into a big smile!  They began a new friendship and will always remain friends.


My Gerbils

By: Matthew 


Did I ever tell you about my gerbils, Yogi and Boo Boo? I got them at the end of first grade. They were Mrs. Trovich’s class gerbils.

 My mom was the only mom who sent in the note that said I could have them. My mom let me have the gerbils because she loves animals. At that time we had two dogs, two rabbits, and a bird.

Yogi was a black and white gerbil and Boo Boo was tan. They were brothers. We put them in a tank with a wheel and a straw cave. My mom helped me take care of them. She really took care of them, like all the other animals

I like it the most when my mom took them out of the cage so I could pet them. Then she would put them in their plastics balls and let them roll around the house. My dogs watched them, but they never touched them, because my mom would yell at them. Yogi and Boo Boo were getting fatter and older. My mom said, " Gerbils only live for two or three years! So…………….

In January of 2003 Boo Boo started to lose weight. He wasn’t eating the same or playing. He died in February after we got back from skiing.


My dad buried him out back by the pool during a snowstorm. Yogi was all alone but he was doing fine. But then he started to lose weight. I thought he was going to die.


So in April my family and I went to Disney. My mom’s friend Tracy watched the house and animals. Yogi died the day before we came back from Disney. Tracy put Yogi in a little box and put him in the freezer.

My dad and I buried Yogi. I miss Yogi and Boo Boo so much but now they’re in a better place.



                                 The Movie

                                By: Christina

I’m going to the movies today to see Daddy Day care.


We came early to Theater Six.  I saw my friend Demi.  I was so excited to see her that I went over to say hi to her.  I really thought my mom wouldn’t mind, so I just left without telling her.


The movie began, so I sat down with Demi.  Big mistake! I looked over by my seat, but my mom was not there.  “Maybe she went to go get something, “I said to myself.


Later my mom was still not there.  I was getting very worried that I wouldn’t find her.   The light came on, and I still could not see her anywhere!  I heard a man in a deep voice he said, “Has anyone seen a girl named Christina, she’s a little girl with dark hair and in a pony tail.”


 Christina felt a little nervous but she still went up to the man with the deep voice and then she saw her mom standing there and crying. 


Christina ran up to her and gave her a big kiss and a big hug.   Demi and her mom came over to Christina’s mom and told her that Christina was with her.  Demi’s mom thought she already knew that Christina was by them.  Christina’s mom had no idea that Christina went over by Demi.


Christina’s mom had a little talk with Christina about walking away and not telling anyone where she was going!  So Christina got grounded for one day.


 Christina learned a lesson about walking away and not telling anyone where she was going.  She also learned how loved she was!


                                   The Three Little Pigs

                                       Retold  by:  Justin


 Once upon a time there were three little pigs that didn’t have a house.  So, one day they all went looking for one. 


The first little pig found a house made out of aluminum cans.  The second little pig found a house made out of cards, and the third little pig found a house made out of steel.  They all had a great time drinking Pepsi and eating pizza.


Until one day when the really bad midget wolf came to town and discovered the first little house. He said, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.” The little pig replied,  “Not while I’m shaving my chinny, chin chin!”


Then the wolf gave the little pig’s house a karate chop and it fell down. The pig had an idea and when the wolf was about to eat the pig he got loose and ran to the second little pig’s house. Then the wolf followed the first little pig to the second little pig’s house and said,  “Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in.”


Then the second little pig shouted “NO! NO AND NO! Then by accident the wolf huffed and he snuffed and he sneezed a great sneeze. Then the card house fell down and the two little pigs ran to the third little pig’s house.


Then the wolf followed the two little pigs to the third little pig’s house and he said, “Open up it’s the delivery boy.”


They opened the door and the wolf grabbed the first and the second little pigs then he ate them up.


Then the wolf tried to eat the third little pig but to the wolf’s surprise the pig ate him. The pig lived happily ever after.  



Retold  and renamed by: Kimberly C.



Once upon a time there was a boy named Cinderfella. He wore old faded ripped jeans and worn out T-shirts because that was all his Grandmother would permit him to wear.


His Grandmother always demanded, “Cinderfella clean the house, Cinderfella wash the clothes."  If he didn’t do his chores he would get whipped.


That night his brothers said, “We are going to a dance.” Cinderfella asked, “Can I come?” “NO you weren’t invited,” said his grandmother and stepbrothers.


As soon as Cinderfella’s stepbrothers left with their grandmother, Cinderfella finished up his chores and then looked out the window. He saw a light sparkling and coming down from the sky.  As he gazed at the sparkles a loud roaring bang hit the door. Cinderfella quickly ran to open the door. It was an invitation that someone had delivered to him. He quickly opened the invitation. It was to the dance. “What will I wear?” he asked.


Suddenly a pig came to the door and said, “I have that all under control.” The pig with a swift of his wand, left then right, turned Cinderfella’s clothes into a black and white jump suit. The pig said, “You have until you get a kiss from that special someone tonight.”

 “But how do you know I am going to be kissed?” Cinderfella asked. “Because I planned it,” said the pig. “Now I have to go, good luck.”


  Cinderfella went passed the stop sign to wait for the bus. The bus came and he sat in a seat. The next thing he knew he was at the castle where the dance took place.


At the dance he tried not to look at his grandma or stepbrothers. He went straight to the punch bowl. Suddenly he saw a girl and stared at her the whole time he was getting punch. She finally came up to him and asked him to dance.


  Cinderfella said, “I’d be glad to.” They talked and danced the night away.


 Cinderfella toward the end of the evening received his special kiss on the balcony.


Even today as you pass the balcony where Cinderfella first received his special kiss, you might see him and his bride still kissing.  I guess they did live happily ever after.



                            Anna And the Bad Habit

                                          By: Annie


Once upon a time there lived a girl. Her name was Anna. She had two sisters. Their names were Margaret and Shannon. They were spoiled rotten. They always got their own way. Anna was always jealous of them. 


Her mother was Victoria.  Victoria just left poor Anna in a cabin Anna was a very nice girl, but sometimes she can be very mean. 


 Whenever Margaret and Shannon went to a ball or a dance Anna couldn’t go. One time she snuck out, and went to a ball because she always wanted to meet a prince.


At the ball she met a handsome prince.  But, Margaret and Shannon saw her dancing and they went directly up to her.


Margaret said “Oh gracious.” Shannon said, “How dare you.” And Victoria said,” You are grounded for a week!”


Anna begged, “Please mother, please don’t make me do this.” Victoria shoved Anna into the cabin for a week without any food. She was quite hungry. After a week she was let out.

The following day Anna saw a shooting star and she wished to be beautiful and happy.  A bright light shined upon Anna and she was wearing a beautiful magnificent dress instead of wearing very ugly rags. 


Then Victoria,  Shannon and Margaret saw how beautiful she was.  Victoria treated her like a beautiful princess.  And they all lived happily ever after.




                             The Three Super Pigs

                              By: KImberly K.


 Once upon a time there were three super pigs. When there was a problem, the super pigs were  there. 

So, one day the three super pigs got married, and they all needed a house.

The first pig said, “ I’m making my house out of straw.”

The second pig said, “ I want a house made out of string.”

The third pig wanted a brick house.

 Then one of the super pigs heard a knock on his door and said, “Who is it?” A voice said, “It’s the big bad wolf.” The strange voice said, “Let me in before I punch  your house all to pieces.” 


“No,” said the pig. “You won’t eat me because I’m super pig and I am going to eat  you  !”


The wolf said “Go ahead.” “Good, “said the super pig. “ I don’t believe you,” said the big bad wolf.

 So the super pig beat up the big bad wolf, and cooked him up.


The pigs and his brothers had a big feast. The pigs wives said they liked the way the wolf tasted, and they all drank wine.


When the super pigs were done with the feast, they went back to fighting crime. Even though the wolf was gone, they had plenty more crimes to fight.


Mr. Fox was a criminal because he always had bad problems with all the other animals.


When the super pigs went home, one of them looked out of his window and saw Mr. Fox picking

on a little bird.  One of the pigs rushed out of the door. He tried to chase Mr. Fox, but Mr. Fox would not move because he was not afraid.


 Why would a fox be afraid of a pig? The super pigs could fly, so they picked up Mr. Fox and dropped him in a swamp. There were a lot of crocodiles, and they ate Mr. Fox.

That was the end of Mr. Fox! There weren’t any more crimes!                   

After the super pigs beat up Mr. Fox, there were no more crimes to fight.

 So, the super pigs just went home very sad because all they know how to do is fight bad guys.

To be a super pig, you have to fight crime.

All that day, the super pigs had droopy faces, because they missed fighting crime so much.

The next day, the super pigs felt just like plain old regular pigs. They made a nice warm fire because it was a cool rainy night. The pigs and their wives made chocolate chip cookies, and drank hot chocolate.

Then all the pigs snuggled up in their nice warm beds and lived happily ever after.