Poetry: Time to experience some fun!

Poems do not have to rhyme.  You can never be wrong when writing a poem....it is an expression of how you feel, or your favorite color, etc.

Poetry is a special part of our language experience.   Once a week, we'll learn a new poem! At first, Mrs. Stein puts the poem on large chart paper, so it's easy for us to read it. We read it several times together, and then we get to highlight different words in the poem that will be important for the skills we are learning that week.

Then we get a copy in our Poetry Booklet!  Mrs. Stein hopes that when the poem comes home you will listen while I read it.  You can help me with some of the words if I don't remember them.

Our Poetry Booklet stays in our desk, where we can read over all of our poems during Independent or Shared Reading. 

During the week we always get a chance to write our own poems.  The sloppy copy goes home and the good copy stays in school.  At the end of the year we put together our Poetry Booklet and bring it home. Mrs. Stein always publishes STUDENT poems, too...we have lots of poets in Second Grade! Sometimes there are contests on the internet that we have a chance to enter.  One girl   last year won a contest from EEK! Each morning, one poet chooses a poem to start the day!  It can even be an original poem.


What a great way to spend our reading time!

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