Name____________________________________________________  Skill: contractions


Write the contraction for the underlined word.

 1. You are a good person.                                             _________________________

 2. I am going to the store.                                             _________________________

 3. They are in my class.                                                 _________________________

 4. We are going to the beach.                                        _________________________

 5. Let us help you with that.                                         __________________________

 6. I would appreciate it if you go now!                         __________________________

 7. She is reading a book.                                              __________________________

 8. We have ice cream for desert.                                   __________________________

 9. What is wrong with the clock?                                  __________________________

10. He will not be able to see you today.                       __________________________


On the back, write a sentence for each of these words:  you've, couldn't, can't, won't


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