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5/24/04-Here is a reader response. I am going to write more, but I wanted to give you something.  I hope you don't mind that I didn't like the book too much.  But I know you want me to use my own voice.

I did not like the book a lot.  First of all the book was too confusing.  It had too much southern dialect.  It wasnít the kind of English I speak.  For example, Jip said ď jest fine.Ē  This confused me.  I would say, ďjust fine.Ē  There were a lot more confusing words like this.  Second of all this book was not interesting for me.  I want excitement through the whole book.  There is no excitement until the end of Jip.  I also like a lot of adventure in books.  This book does not have a lot of adventure.  Finally I didnít like the theme of Jip. The theme was a boy who was a slave.  Slaves are not my favorite themes in books.

Even though I did not like this book I have other things to say.  I will write and send more of my response.


Dear Mrs. Stein,
I'm glad that you're not mad that I didn't like the book. Are you going to put up a reader response too for this book?  Here is another reader response.  Even though I didn't like it, it made me think about things.
Even though I did not like this book I have other things to say.  First of all Jip reminds me of Oliver Twist.  They were both orphans, and they were both very poor.  Also they both wanted a mother and father so badly they would probably do anything for one.  Although they couldnít have a real mother and father they got one.  Oliver Twistís foster father was his very rich uncle.  Jipís foster mother was the teacher, and his foster father was Mr. Stevens.  Lastly they both wanted to be free.  Jip wanted to be free from slavery and Oliver Twist wanted to be free from a stealing crew.

5/26/04   First of all, I can relate to some of Jipís life from my own life.  Jip was very kind and thoughtful.  Here is an example of one of the ways Jip was kind and thoughtful and one of the ways I was kind and thoughtful.  Jip would sit by Putís cage and sing All Is Well while Put had one of his ravings.  I would sit by my mom while she was on crutches.  Second of all, Jip and I love animals very much.  We would do almost anything to save an animalís life.  The reason I think Jip would do almost anything to save an animalís life is Jip was always kind to animals.                                                                                                                              There is one thing I canít relate to about Jip and me.  He had a mother once, but now he does not.  I have a mother.  I canít relate because I donít have the same feelings as him.


            This is the last of my reader response.  I hope you like it!!!!!!!!


                                                Steven Marzagalli

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