November 3, 2002

Echo the Bat

Bat Slide Show

Label the Parts

In Search of Stellaluna's Family  


ABCTeach-shape book, crossword puzzles, diagrams and much more

Chipoptera: Night Flyers
An excellent site maintained by the
University of California, Berkeley


Bat_Connect the Dots

Online Bat Quiz

Bats, Bats, Everywhere!
The Bat Website for Kids

Into the Batcave Website

Live BatCam

Bats at Enchanted Learning

The Only Flying Mammal!
A Thematic Resource Unit for Teachers and Kids


Stellaluna's Friends
an Internet project by many second grade classes

 Basically Bats Kid's Stuff Page

Explore the Bat Cave at the Rom

Bat Fruit Salad

The Big, Fat Quiz

Bat Photo Gallery

Bat Life Cycle

Batty About Bats